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Entry #2

Nearly Died

2013-12-19 03:49:05 by BlazeAndersonNexus

Well, i had an interesting week, i had a very bad fear of hight's, (Which is now reduced to a moderate fear), so my family decided it would be a good idea if i go sky diving, i have no idea what they were thinking, but they made me do it, so yea, got up really high, strapped to an instructor, he jumped out, and we got to the ground all fine, but turns out, i wasn't even awake during the jump, i fell into what the doctors called an artificial death, where everything stopped but my heart, somehow i survived without breathing, but don't ask me how, because i have no idea, so when we landed, apparently the poor guy i was strpped to was panicing because i was silent through the whole thing, last thing i can remember is jumping out with the guy, that's it, i woke up a couple of hours later in a hospital bed, and i was scared out of my wits, i literally swore so loud that the nurse that was making the bed next to mine jumped, so yea, i was in hospital for a few days, horray for me, i nearly died, the upside was that i had an awesome dream though.


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2013-12-19 04:22:08

No offense but...your family are bunch of idiots.
Did they know about your fear of heights?

BlazeAndersonNexus responds:

none taken, i agree with you.

Yes, that's why they got me to do it, they wanted me to get over my fear, but it only worked slightly.


2013-12-19 09:46:19

Wow. I don't know ya, but I'm glad you're okay. Genuinely. That's scary as hell! I have a fear of heights as well. You couldn't pay me to skydive. No joke. Miracle you were even able to post about this, ya know? Again, glad you're alright!

Maybe your family will take the hint this time, eh?

BlazeAndersonNexus responds:

Yea, thanks mate, oh well, i suppose stuff happens, right?

With my family, nope, they will get me to do something else soon enough.


2013-12-19 12:44:43

Man, I had fear of heights too, the unique thing that unlocked me of this thing was when I travelled at an airplane, but you think "how the heck can this free you of this fear?", simple, because there was free food :DDDDD
Also, are your parents normal??? Even my family that is the most retarded people (in a good way, I love them, and yus I'm in this "retarded" list too :P) didn't made me pay for my fears, or something like that.

BlazeAndersonNexus responds:

Yea, well at least I'm not alone, I'm fine being on the plane, and I'm perfectly ok with jumping out of a plane if its going down and it will save my life, but doing it when I'm not in danger, my fear kicks in, and it kicks in hard.

Yep, and that's the problem, normal here were I am is EXTREMELY retarded where you are, and don't feel bad about being on the retard list, i'm on the "Stuck In Fantasy Forever" list, can't take me out of that crap man, you would die trying.


2014-01-07 03:29:02

I don't know if I have a fear of heights or not.
But I can say for sure, that I have a fear of unstable supports. That is, then I'm standing on something that's not really steady, especially if I'm standing on a small spot, and it's shaking or moving from slightest movement, I get really frightened, I must immediately hold to something sturdy.
But if it's stable enough - sure, I can hold to it on any height and even move along it, *carefully*.

This story that you've told is shocking. Sorry to hear.

BlazeAndersonNexus responds:

Its ok now, never going to do it again on fear of my life, but yea, I understand the feeling, I get it too, but my center of gravity is really low, so I don't have really good balance, on not steady surfaces, if its a large area, I just slowly sit down, on the ground, and then I'm fine, but for some strange reason, while the higher I go the more I start to become fearful, the higher I go, the more I feel like I'm at home and the more I feel like I'm meant to be there, so I am a weird one, and I am proud to say that.


2015-04-25 07:52:08